Data showed that patients treated with Xiaflex experienced a statistically significant improvement in the primary endpoint of composite investigators’ and patients’ assessments of the appearance of cellulite, compared to those treated with placebo. The study also met all the secondary endpoints. On the safety front, Xiaflex was found to be well tolerated. Based on the encouraging study results, Endo plans to work with the FDA to advance Xiaflex as a cellulite treatment into late-stage development. As per the companys press release, there is currently no FDA-approved pharmacological treatment despite multiple therapeutic approaches for the attempted treatment of cellulite. We note that Xiaflex is currently approved in the U.S. and the EU for the treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture in adult patients with a palpable cord, and Peyronie’s disease in adult men with a palpable plaque and penile curvature deformity of at least 30 degrees at the start of therapy. Xiaflex enjoys Orphan Drug status for both the indications in the U.S. Endo currently carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).

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Foot Ankle Inc. 1997 Nov. 18 11:710-5. The association of cardiac, pericardia, diaphragmatic, abdominal wall and sternal defects is also referred to as pentalogy of Cantrell. Dupuytren’s description in 1834 was based on a quotation from begin, who attributed the deformity to a repetitive occupational injury. Studies done around the Love Canal sites near Niagara Falls and the Lipari Landfill in New Jersey have shown a higher proportion of low birth babies than communities farther away from landfills. A high arch is the opposite of a flat foot and is somewhat less common. Foot and Ankle Disorders. Medline. site hereHistopathologic studies have documented the existence of a fibrocartilaginous zone in this same anatomic location, which not only alters the normal longitudinal collagen arrangement of the tendon, thus compromising the tendon’s ability to counteract tensile forces, but also is subject to wear and tear. In fact, in many cases, the deformity is detected on routine ultrasound.

Best off-season pickup? Comeback player? [ Sportsnet ] The Chicago Blackhawks need their stars to step it up. [ Chicago Sun-Times ] Who does John Scott want to see as this years John Scott for the 2017 NHL All-Star Game? Steve Ott. [ CBS Detroit ] Looking at the good, bad and the ugly with the Colorado Avalanche . [ BSN Denver ] The Edmonton Oilers have problems, but one of them is not a lack of depth. [ Oilers Nation ] Cape Bretons Adam McCormick is trying to raise awareness for organ donation as his mom awaits a lung transplant. [ Buzzing the Net ] What does the future hold for the NWHL and professional womens hockey in general? [ Think Progress ] Oliver Ekman-Larsson on the impact NIcklas Lidstrom has had on his hockey career.

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However, to reduce the puffiness, the doctor may prescribe certain diuretics. Injury to the ankle and shin bone can cause the area to swell. Vascular Obstruction: Common causes of vascular obstruction in the legs are blood clots, causing ankle pain and swelling. This is especially seen during summers, if the person has been out in the sun, to do his exercise or for work. However, if the pain turns severe, it may make your child very restless. Pain and swelling in the ankles, usually lasts for a few days and takes about 2 to 3 weeks to completely heal. Arthritis is another cause for ankle swelling and occurs when the joints between the tibia shin-bone and talus ankle bone wear out. Get your prescriptions checked by the physician for calcium channel blockers and certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that lead to swelling. It is a blood circulation problem that may occur in both the legs and cause chronic swelling to the ankles. Stress fracture is another name for a hairline fracture, and this kind of injury commonly affects sports persons. this content

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