<img src="http://www.wzzm13.com/img/resize/content.king5.com/photo/2014/08/02/headache_generic_graphic_5819750_ver1.0.jpg?http://footphysician.pvmarlin.com/2016/11/09/getting-the-answers-for-efficient-strategies-in-inflammation-in-toe/preset=534-401″ width=’250px’ align=’left’ /> She recently started paying more attention to home remedies and naturopathic supplements. “I’ve actually gotten off all of my prescription medications and have just gone natural,” says Moffat. check my siteMoffat started working at West Seattle Natural Medicine and has since become a patient. “I’ve figured out that some dairy products can trigger my headaches and also some peanut butter,” says Moffat. “It’s really interesting to see what you’re eating is actually affecting your body.” Food is where naturopathic doctors say the foundations of health begin. Medical doctors also agree that general guidelines for health start with healthy living. “That can be things like, ‘are you sleeping, are you exercising, what are you eating, are you drinking water, what do you do for fun?'” says Emily Livengood, naturopathic doctor at West Seattle Natural Medicine. “And the next step is usually food as medicine and home remedies can fall into that area.” A home remedy for an upset stomach might be bone broth. Livengood suggests getting some bones from your butcher and making a broth at home. “There’s really value in chicken noodle soup,” says Livengood.

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